Lubomir Andrasik

About Lubomir

Originally from Slovakia, I graduated from IT school in 2008. That same year I started my career as a Real Estate agent with century 21 in Slovakia.

It was time for me to start my own Real Estate business. I always have big dreams and big goals. I stay hungry and always achieve my full potential , for that reason I moved to London -one of the biggest capital cities. There is no growth in your comfort zone.

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There’s room for one more agent that truly stands out from the crowd.
Not one that’s just ‘average’ or ‘ordinary’ but one that’s truly skilled at their craft, who’s trusted and will be utterly honest with you.

Given the backdrop of a competitive market, working with an exceptional agent is now more important than ever before. Estate agents aren’t all created equal and sellers shouldn’t settle for anything less than brilliant.